Cancellation Policy

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Fees and Payments

When you order a service you have an opportunity to review and accept the fees that will be charged. Prices, availability, and other purchase terms are subject to change. FitCircle by FitTechniques, LLC reserves the right without prior notice to discontinue or change specifications and prices on services offered on and outside of the FitTechniques Personal Training, LLC (hereby further acknowledged as "Company") Site without incurring any obligation to you.

You are responsible for providing true, accurate, current, and complete information when ordering services through the Company Site or otherwise. If you use the Company Site or other means to purchase a service, payment must be received prior to acceptance of an order.

FitTechniques Personal Training, LLC may need to verify information you provide before FitTechniques, LLC accepts your order, and may cancel or limit your order any time after it has been placed.

If, for any reason, your credit card company declines or otherwise refuses to pay the amount owed for the service you have purchased, you agree that we may, at our option, suspend or terminate delivery of service and may require you to pay any overdue amounts incurred (including third-party chargeback fees or penalties) by other means acceptable to us. In the event legal action is necessary to collect on balances due, you agree to reimburse us for all expenses incurred to recover sums due, including attorney fees and other legal expenses.

Purchases of other products and services through the Company Site may be subject to other terms and conditions that are presented to you at the time of purchase.

Cancellation Policy

Thank you for your interest in our FitCircle, FitTechniques Personal Training programs, and other programs with FitTechniques Personal Training, LLC. We understand that sometimes circumstances change, and you may need to cancel your involvement in our program / services. 

We do not offer refunds or cancellations of contracts for this program. Once you have enrolled, you are responsible for completing the program in its entirety. FitCircle by FitTechniques is not contracted and will be canceled at the end of the subsequent billing cycle upon request, rates are not prorated.

 If you are unable to complete the program, you are still responsible for all payments that are due. However, we will work with you to determine a payment plan that fits your needs. We ask that you please contact our team as soon as possible if you are unable to continue with the program at [email protected]

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